NATURE INDEX is a series of photographic essay which tries to illustrate the complex concepts of the Anthropocene and human - nature communication. The Anthropocene is a proposed geological epoch dating from the beginning of the significant human impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems, including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate change. In the series, I attempt to explore the subject through the recreation of nature from manmade materials, fake natural textures to various artificial objects imitating flora. I combine them with images taken in nature reserves, and other staged photographs which include visual symbols that remind of nature. Following the visual language and materials, alongside the geological and anthropological way of documentation, the series functions as a study of nature in the 21st century.

The first part of this visual research appeared in the context of a workshop organized by TI-RE platform for books (Bulgaria) and Goethe Institute Sofia, in which several young artists from Sofia were invited to create and work with the book form for a few weeks.

In the first attempt, I decided to create a photobook object, referencing wall calendars with landscape photographs I have encountered prior.

The second part from the ongoing research is a photo zine called "Nature Index". In this publication, I have decided to collaborate with the anthropologist and archivist Konstantin Georgiev. After some discussions around the topics, we have decided to create an index. The index is built from a collection of dates from the beginning of the industrial revolution, till now. In the zine, you can find the first version of the index. Konstantin has written notes, which you could find too in "Nature Index".

The second author from who you could read a text in the zine is Julia Rone/Politologist/. She and Jelle Lever/Biologist/ are in conversation about his recent research in Switzerland and some more thoughts about the topics of the zine. 

The publication is hand-made and doesn't have an edition, it is print on demand, but you could see the full PDF online here:

* "Nature index" is still existing only in Bulgarian language, but hopefully, soon you will be able to find the zine in English.

You can follow and find more the IG page: